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Whether you're aiming to share content on our various platforms, employ link-building strategies, or seek aid in crafting imaginative content, our selection of choices provided below caters to a diverse range of requirements and budgets.


Guest post articles can be booked across our 14 available B2B brands. Guest posts can be booked in bulk and you can see the table of the brands and their individual prices below. These prices are given based on each brands DA rating.

Available Brands

We accept Guest Posts and Link Insertions across our 14 high traffic, high quality brands published by our sister site AI Global Media, these brands cover a range of industries from technology and business to design and lifestyle.

This platform has been created due to the high popularity of these brands, providing our clients with a simple and cost-effective solution to their guest posting needs.

BrandWebsitesPrice (£)
Acquisition International£125.00 GBP
APAC Insider£100.00 GBP
BUILD Magazine£125.00 GBP
CEO Monthly£125.00 GBP
Corporate Vision£100.00 GBP
GHP News£125.00 GBP
EU Business News£100.00 GBP
LUXlife Magazine£150.00 GBP
New World Report£125.00 GBP
SME News£125.00 GBP
Innovation in Business£75.00 GBP
MEA Markets£100.00 GBP
The Business Concept£50.00 GBP
Wealth & Finance International£125.00 GBP

Word Tiers

TierPrice (£)
0 - 1,000 words£0.00 GBP
1,001 - 2,000 words£30.00 GBP
2,001 - 3,000 words£60.00 GBP
3,001 - 4,000 words£90.00 GBP

Do-Follow & No-Follow Links

Link TypePrice Per Link (£)Included As FreeMax Amount
Do-Follow Link£10.00 GBP110
No-Follow Link£0.00 GBP-10

Edit Attempts

If your guest post is rejected you will be emailed a link to edit your article and it be resubmitted. Each customer is allowed 3 edit attempts to make their article live. If you use all your attempts you will need to contact us via email.

Article Images

Your article must contain a featured image (you can either upload one or use an image from our Media Library). Your article can also contain up to 8 in-article images within your content. Each in-article image costs £15.00 GBP and must be a valid image format. Image requirements are specified on the buy page at the final step.

Image requirements:
Image Width: 500px - 2,000px
Image Height: 500px - 2,000px
Max File Size: 5MB

Brand Quota

We have multiple brand websites you can post on, each brand has a quota per day with a maximum amount of posts, there is a chance that when you book a specific date on a brand it may be fully booked and you'll have to select another publishing date.

Coupon Codes

At checkout you can apply a coupon code to save on your order, we have multiple different types of coupon codes ranging from one-time use coupons to brand specific coupons. Keep a look out for coupon codes and subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive vouchers!

Bulk Discounts

Discounts will be automatically applied if you meet any of the following criteria in your order:

  • 10% discount on 6+ guest posts
  • *bulk offers are disabled for December

Checkout VAT (Tax)

VAT will be applied at checkout for some countries (for example in the United Kingdom all customers must pay 20% VAT - which will get automatically added on to your final price).


Link Insertions are a great way of building backlinks and are priced depending on which brand they are being published in and its DA.

Pricing Structure

DA RatingPrice (£)
0-19£40.00 GBP
20-29£50.00 GBP
30-34£80.00 GBP
35-39£100.00 GBP
40-44£125.00 GBP
45-49£135.00 GBP
50+£150.00 GBP

Bulk Discounts

Discounts will be automatically applied if you meet any of the following criteria in your order:

  • 5% discount for 2-5 link insertions
  • 10% discount for 6+ link insertions
  • *bulk offers are disabled for December


The anchor text for your link insertion must already be in the existing text of your desired article. If this is not the case, you can speak to a member of the team and see if amendments can be made.

The DA of the link you are wanting to publish must be a DA of 20+ to be published across any of the brand websites.

Content Writing

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Looking for content writing services? Don't worry, we are working on this and this feature will be live on the platform soon!

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