How to Increase Your Post Views?

In this step of the journey, we are aiming to give you some inspiration for your posts but showing which of our article are bring in the most views!

The 5 articles below are the ones across our 12 brands that have generated the most views so far in 2023. We want to take a look at why these articles are so popular and look at the format of them.

1. GHP – 10 Reasons its so Important to Stay Healthy – 9135 views

2. LUXlife – The Top 7 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World – 5156 views

3. Corporate Vision – 8 Ways to Improve Product Quality in 2021 – 3583 views

4. BUILD – How to Make Your Concreate Floors Look Nicer – 2057 views

5. New World Report – Food Standards Showdown: USA vs the EU – 1999 views

By analysing these posts, we know that the content is obviously a key factor to engage the audience but other things that could help increase your post views are:

  • Use listicles – these make the information easier to digest and mor engaging to reach
  • Include relevant imagery – showing examples of what is included in your writing can be helpful and more pleasing to look at
  • Use relevant headings – this breaks the piece up and allows
  • Be relevant to certain regions countries – this could be a niche audience but those that it affects will be interested

Providing relevant and quality content in your posts is the best way to achieve lots of page views! Good practice when publishing any content is to monitor it to see how well it succeeds and if it needs an extra boost to drive exposure and interest, try to implement some of the above tips into your own content!