What are the Benefits?

At AI Guest Posts, we believe that guest posts are a key tool and have many benefits that can help improve your marketing, across many different levels and here is how:

  • Improves brand awareness – Writing guest posts can expose your brand to new audiences and let more people know who you are and what you do.
  • Drives traffic – If guest posts are created often and completed successfully, they can be a valuable source of referral traffic for your website.
  • Builds links – Guest posting can be a great way to build links to your website so that you can improve search engine rankings.
  • Develops relationships – By branching out to different people can be a good way to start and progress good working relationships.
  • Builds presence – Guest posting gives you a way to share your expertise with your audience, which helps cement your authority within the industry.

How will this benefit my business?

All of these factors mentioned above will help your business progress in the right direction, but the question is why are all of these important? Exposure, traffic, desired audiences and industry presence will validify your business and grow your online presence. The more exposure you have, the larger the audience you will reach. When customers have recognised you online, they will feel comfortable using the brand and choose you over competitors. With many businesses based solely online and more people shopping online, the competition is greater than ever. Being able to stand out against your competitors through search engines and marketing is what is going to bring you success!

Most people who work within the SEO (search engine optimisation) industry will know of or heard of the ranking process and the ‘algorithm’ in how it works. Different algorithms can include number of pages, views, clicks, comments, likes, shares. With new advancements happening every day, Google’s method to rank these if very efficient and it creates decision on the content and usefulness of the page using hundreds of factors included in the algorithm.

Through the help of guest posts, building your brand awareness and driving traffic will improve your SEO and boost your above all of your competitors. It will also help with any email marketing, or social media campaigns that your are working on.

In the next edition of the Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting, we will be sharing the process of uploading your content to AI Guest posts, and how to get your article looking great!