Top 5 Content Marketing Problems and How To Overcome Them

Getting the aspects of your marketing just right can be a long process and it may not be successful first time. Here are some of our hints at tips at how to overcome some of these problems:

1. Creating high-quality content

In today’s market, there are so many ways to promote your brand but one of the most effective is creating quality content. With the masses of competition, it is hard to write something that hasn’t already been written but if you get this right, it could lead to great success. Researching into what your competition is a good place to start as you can compare the standard of the content. With many search engines using ranks to present information, it is important to create high quality content and get ranked near the top to generate more traffic to your site.

To create this content, ensure you have researched into your audience, and you are including interesting points that are going to keep them engaged. Think about how you can provide answers to their questions and present information that they will not have read before.

2. Generating content consistently

To be taken seriously and grow loyalty to your brand, it is important to engage with your audience regularly, whether this is through social media posts, articles, or website updates. By creating a content strategy can help you keep on top of your content and how often you share it. Creating regular content is a huge benefit to driving more traffic to your site and improving that all important SEO.

You can include content about, design, creativity, and technical skills but the key is to prioritise where and when is the right time to use the content to ensure you are being effective with your content.

3. Understanding the audience

No matter how large your audience is, there will be a variety of people who all look for certain content in different ways and this can be hard to share the right type of content. To create a better understanding of what they are looking for, will help you to create content that really interests them. Do your market research and analyse their interests by looking on their social media – what things are they sharing or liking? What type of accounts do they follow? See what days or times are most popular to engage with people? Simple tips like this should help with exactly why they are reading your content.

From doing this you will engage with them on a better level and realise the best formats to do this, such as social media, blog posts, podcasts, and website articles. Whichever way you are sharing your content, make sure it is delivering value, insight, and solutions.

4. Measuring your achievements

Is analysing metrics in your strategy? Without looking at the metrics you will not see how successful your content has been. Look at software like Google Analytics to monitor your posts, traffic flow surrounding your content, the domain authority, your email marketing, and social media posts.

Imagine if your post becomes an overnight success? If you are not checking on these metrics, it could be weeks before you knew how successful it had become and you would be missing out on an opportunity to gain this traction across the rest of your content. Setting yourself targets whether this is the number of followers, monetary value or increase in web site traffic, this is an effective way to track your progress and use these metrics effectively.

5. Choosing the right platforms

Lastly, now you have a better understanding of your audience, the formats in which to post and how often, you need the right platform to post on. With thousands of marketing channels and platforms available, it is important to focus ones that best connect you with your audience.

Take time to understand which platform would be most suited to your target audiences, if you publish on the wrong platform, they will never get to enjoy the content you have created for them.

Although there are many ways and channels to do this, the most effective is to promote your content using paid digital advertising via social media, reputable industry publications and other online platforms that organically grow traffic.

Some of these content marketing challenges may not be the easiest to overcome but by allowing some time each week to focus on these aspects, the success with SEO will show in those metrics you are now monitoring!