The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting

Over the coming weeks, we are going to be bringing you the Ultimate Guide to Guesting Posting, and giving you an insight into aspects of guesting posting like:

  • What it is?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How it can help your business?
  • How you can make a post?

So, to start it off…

What actually is guest posting?

Guest posts or, guest blogs are content published in the form of an article on someone else’s website. It really is that simple and it can be a key tool to growing your business and online presence!

Guest blogging is a content marketing tactic that involves writing content to publish on an existing website and include links back to your own website. Depending on where you publish your article, there will be different requirements as to what is accepted, including whether the post is tagged to say who it was written by, the amount of words and links that can be included in the article and whether it remains on the site permanently. These are all important things to check before making a guest post on a website.

A guest post can not only help marketing based roles, but any company wishing to boost its online presence, promote a product or process or reach new audiences.

How does it work?

Within the guest posting world, there are site providers who have sites readily available to publish your content, and then the opposite, those looking for somewhere to post their content. It is a mutually beneficially exchange between the two sides and ensuring you find the correct match for your content; it can be very successful. The guest posting process is all about finding either the right content to match your site, or the right site to match your content! It is a positive element to add good quality content to your own website, or vice versa, to publish on a good quality website to build your brand awareness. With many guest post transactions there can be a money exchange and this will also need to be discussed between the two parties involved, before making your post.

During the upcoming articles in our Ultimate Guide to Guest posting, we will be delving into the actual benefits but here is a quick diagram from SEOCZAR of the 10 most beneficial elements…

To adopt this marketing tools within your own work through the form of guest posts, there are many platforms available that allow you to process a guest post on their sites and some contain multiple domains to choose from. Platform with multiple domains, do some of the hard work for you and make it easy to find somewhere suitable for your content and ensure that you will get the best results from guest posting.

Look out for the next article where we will be sharing more information on our own guest post site, AI Guest Posts and other platforms.