Top 6 Black Friday Marketing Strategies

With Black Friday almost upon us, we have put together some tips of how you can get ahead with your socials and email marketing in the weeks running up to Black Friday! Take a look below at how you can put these tips into practice and really make Black Friday promotions work for you:

Social media

With online shopping becoming evermore popular, why not keep your marketing online too and make it easier for your audience. There are so many methods of how to approach Black Friday, but it is choosing the right ones for you and your business that matters. Here are some of our favourites:

Hashtags – Use different hashtags to what you would usually use in your posts to black on the Black Friday audience. There are many different types of shopper, and your usual audience may not necessarily hunt for sales and discount but Black Friday will bring along a range of new customers for you, so tap into this where you can.

Creating time restrictions – By creating a time frame and a little urgency around the discount will encourage your customer to buy quicker. As the Black Friday is only for a day, many shops have already increased this to the weekend, and some have extended it further to monopolise on the event and draw in the customers quicker and for longer. A way to do this could be to add mystery to your offers, like ‘coming soon’. You can potentially give them a preview of what is going to be available so they will know not to miss out, and will remember to come back and buy.

Optimise your socials – With the deals coming up, be sure to use social media to your advantage. Make sure you are dropping constant reminders for your followers about the upcoming deals and that your main products are taking centre stage. Posting regularly will help it stick in your followers minds, and they will be more inclined to buy when the deal is on. You can make your posts varied and include things like your polls, blog posts, and tips will also bring people into your socials.

Email Marketing

A couple of weeks before the Black Friday event, start an email marketing campaign to entice your customers. You will need to give them something that they have not been offered before, like a ‘huge discount’ or ‘your biggest deal yet’. You can do things like:

Online Promo Codes – send out a promotional discount code at the appropriate time. You need to be ahead of the crowds to make sure they are seeing your code first, but alternatively, not too early that they forget to use it. Make sure it is something that they will not be able to resist and will fled to your website, whether that’s ‘Buy one product and receive a free item’, or ‘percentage discount if you spend X amount’, etc. etc….

Incentive for loyal customers – This is a time to recognise your regular customers by offering them an extra kind of incentive. It is a great time to do this while there are already offers on but then they will also feel appreciated and be more likely to carry on buying your products, particularly if you follow up with them afterwards too!

These are simple tips you can add into your marketing that will really elevate your Black Friday experience and grow the exposure of your business.