The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting – An Overview

Thank you for following our lates blog posts – The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting. Now we have visited many stages through the Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting, we wanted to do a brief recap of what we think are the most important points to take forward with in your guest posting. Take a look below:


  • Look in depth into your brand/blog and decipher what is your main purpose for guest posting.
  • Consider the benefits of guest posting and how this is going to be relevant for your industry, audience, scale, current statistics e.g. DA
  • Analyse your competition in the market so that you can learn from their strengths and weaknesses through your own guest post journey
  • Create a list of potential websites or platforms that are relevant to you and your content that you would like to publish on


  • Create content that will be affective to share as a guest post, or to create a backlink to from your guest post article
  • Consider the different types of content you would like to share that will be relevant to your audience and the site you are going to publish on
  • Ensure that your article has good SEO to achieve the best results


  • Use helpful tools that will allow you to track different aspects of your guest posts to make developments to progress your guest posting journey
  • Promote your guest post where applicable through things like social media and email marketing to help boost your web traffic further
  • Connect with possible collaborations who can help you action your guest post

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The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting – Promote Your Guest Blog

Now we have discussed what a guest post is and the benefits, where to post and creating content, the next stage in the guest posting journey is to promote your content and make sure it is making positive results for you and your business.

Including useful content is the most important backbone of a successful blog, but it needs to be promoted in the correct way to reach your desired audience. Constantly assessing your SEO and adding content promotion to your guest blogging strategy will improve web traffic and results. For it to be successful, you need readers constantly accessing your blog and optimising your content can be a very important aspect of your marketing as it can lead to a huge increase in traffic to your website and business.

This process takes time to become established and many give up after a short while as it is doesn’t present the results they want. By setting realistic expectations of what you would like to achieve from your guest blog, will help the process, along with your time and patience.

To help your blog be as successful as possible, here are some of the most effective ways to promote your blog and grow your readership:

Email marketing

To encourage even more traffic to your blog post, you can add a link in any email marketing you are doing, such as:

  • Newsletter sends to any subscribers
  • Share your posts across social media, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • Encourage engagement with your blog posts through your audience

Using your existing audience, and engaging with them about a new blog article, is a great way to also keep them interested and upsell your business.

Follow good SEO practises

Ensure that your content you are going to be promoting is written well and has good SEO or search engine optimisation. This means that if your content contains good SEO, it will be ranked higher in the search engines, like Google. Making sure the keywords included are really going to be interesting to your audience and drive traffic and boost your content through the ranks. Ways to help this are:

Keeping your SEO in your content up to date, and analysing what can be updated and changed over time to ensure it stays current will also improve this!

Track performance

To be able to see how successful your post is, it is a good idea to track its performance and what traffic is generated, especially if you make improvements, or promote it across different platforms. Setting yourself targets whether this is the number of followers, monetary value or increase in web site traffic, this is an effective way to track your progress and use these metrics effectively. There are tools available to help with this like Google Analytics!

By monitoring content, and using these ways to promote and develop it, will keep your content current and interesting to your audience, leading to good traffic and allowing it to rise through the search engine ranks. Next in the Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting, we will be showing some of our most viewed guest posts of last year and why they were so effective!

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting – What is Guest Posting?

Over the coming weeks, we are going to be bringing you the Ultimate Guide to Guesting Posting, and giving you an insight into aspects of guesting posting like:

  • What it is?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How it can help your business?
  • How you can make a post?

So, to start it off…

What actually is guest posting?

Guest posts or, guest blogs are content published in the form of an article on someone else’s website. It really is that simple and it can be a key tool to growing your business and online presence!

Guest blogging is a content marketing tactic that involves writing content to publish on an existing website and include links back to your own website. Depending on where you publish your article, there will be different requirements as to what is accepted, including whether the post is tagged to say who it was written by, the amount of words and links that can be included in the article and whether it remains on the site permanently. These are all important things to check before making a guest post on a website.

A guest post can not only help marketing based roles, but any company wishing to boost its online presence, promote a product or process or reach new audiences.

How does it work?

Within the guest posting world, there are site providers who have sites readily available to publish your content, and then the opposite, those looking for somewhere to post their content. It is a mutually beneficially exchange between the two sides and ensuring you find the correct match for your content; it can be very successful. The guest posting process is all about finding either the right content to match your site, or the right site to match your content! It is a positive element to add good quality content to your own website, or vice versa, to publish on a good quality website to build your brand awareness. With many guest post transactions there can be a money exchange and this will also need to be discussed between the two parties involved, before making your post.

During the upcoming articles in our Ultimate Guide to Guest posting, we will be delving into the actual benefits but here is a quick diagram from SEOCZAR of the 10 most beneficial elements…

To adopt this marketing tools within your own work through the form of guest posts, there are many platforms available that allow you to process a guest post on their sites and some contain multiple domains to choose from. Platform with multiple domains, do some of the hard work for you and make it easy to find somewhere suitable for your content and ensure that you will get the best results from guest posting.

Look out for the next article where we will be sharing more information on our own guest post site, AI Guest Posts and other platforms.

How to Make Quality Content for your Blog?

Would you like to write the most engaging and gripping content? As the internet grows, it seems so does the amount of competition. We are all looking for ways to stand out from the rest of the internet and grab the attention of our desired audience. Although it is not the easiest task to achieve great, quality content, it will be the best way to grab the right attention! With the growth of the internet and accessible online sources, this can be used to our advantage and help find ways to use and implement features into own our content. Quality is not about how many posts are shared, but the characteristics and style of your content.

Target Audience

When trying to achieve quality content, an important thing to consider is to make sure to write for your readers. Make sure the vocabulary you are using, and style of the piece is meant for your desired audience. Keep in mind that the readers will be using your article to find out information, so be educational but try to keep it simple so the piece is useful for them. If you were the audience, how effective would you find it?

Market Research

Doing some content marketing research before you begin writing could help stay true to the intended readers and find out specifically what they are looking for. This will not only help initially, with aiming your content in the right direction but to use the content marketing research continuously will really be key to the success. Make a habit of returning to the key points and ensure it contains all the aspects you think are essential for the readers to take away from your content.

Social Media

Another thing to consider is the way you connect with the audience, be trustworthy. By creating a relationship with your audience, they are more likely to gain trust in what you are saying and source your content in the future. Gaining this audience is very important but again, it is keeping them interested. Your audience will value your content if it is accurate and up to date. No one wants to read old or fake information and become confused from what they are reading. This could have a negative result in loosing the attention of the audience you have worked hard to create. Be transparent and this will maintain customer loyalty and you will be able to determine how good your content is by the reactions to it. Look out for the following type of activity:

  • Is it being shared on social media?
  • Has it generated more sales?
  • Is your web traffic higher?
  • Is your Google rank higher?

Monitoring these can also work well as a useful tool alongside social media. It can be effective to continue creating strong bonds with your audience and is a fantastic way of connecting to new people who you would not usually be in your reach. Different social media platforms are increasing the type of content you can now post. Being able to upload screenshots, charts, images, and videos gives a large diversity to your posts and enhancing the element of engagement to your audience. It also shows that you are giving value by looking at lots of different sources to present your information. There are many different marketing techniques, including guest posting, that can also aid this progress within your work.

By joining all the aspects we have discussed to create good quality content, will hopefully cement your authority within your niche and boost your content in exactly the direction you would like.